The Scourge of Andima

The Journey So Far (Map 1)

The Journey So Far: April 28th – June 17th
The newly formed ragtag group consisting of a Raider who should be dead, a rebellious Devil with a bigass ax, a blind bookkeeper because that makes sense, a weaponized amnesiatic tinman, and mister goodtouch badtouch, all set out together to assist Gailiod (aka tinman) in his search of his fragmented crystal.

The Journey So Far

1 – The group ambushes a raider gang that assisted in Noah’s revenge against groups of of raiders known as the Steelwinds and the Hellhounds.
2 – Upon returning to Blackclaw, they prepare to locate the rest of the Steelwinds.
3 – The group arrives in Dunner’s Pass and captures a Steelwind, learning the location of their camp.
4 – The Steelwind camp is destroyed and looted, the group leaves none (read: one) alive.
5 – The group meets the Hellhounds a short distance from the camp, where the Hellhounds agree to a peace with Noah.
6 – A quick return to Dunner’s Pass to restock for the journey to Blackclaw.
7 – Plans are made to return to the Crescent, and travel to the Library of the White Cliffs.
8 – The group meets the weary mayor of Whitecliff, a town recently razed by the chaotic raider lot known as the Ruffians.
9 – Awol the Keeper of the Library welcomes the group to stay the night, where they hear the mysterious Third Eye tell a moonlit tale of powerful beings among the land.
10 – After some well timed shopping and deal making, the gang is hired by a Riltarian dwarf to take him south, towards Camara Canyon, childhood ‘home’ for Noah.
11 – After a long, slightly interrupted journey, they arrive in the small, leisurely town of Camara Canyon, where the Prince of Colors known as Kamil resides.
12 – Pressured by Adiel, the group heads back north to visit the reclusive inhabitants Temple of the Blue Peaks. They meet a monk who’s about to take a dangerous task and asks for their help.
13 – The task the monk must complete is to destroy a dangerous creature among the local hillsides, a task that proves difficult but is completely without further casualty. A survivor is rescued.
14 – The group returns to the Temple, where the survivor is healed. Arro, a lost Xeph, has joined the party!
15 – A quick stop in Camara Canyon before continuing south to the city of Tenuiclan.
16 – Almost a week of vacationing. Booze, wrestling, food and bets galore! They meet up with two individuals, Ludo the Scoundrel and the Lorekeeper Wren. The group also manages to befriend the local drunk big brother, and aid in simultaneously destroying a dangerous devil and bringing honor to the town wrestling heroes.
17 – On their way to the Dead Ruins, Arro, Ludo and Wren in tow, the party meets a hermit among the desert. Bobby Joe, a babbling nutter with an unmatched skill in tinkering on dusters. Also known as the safest man alive, courtesy of every gang in Andima.
18 – After finally arriving in the Dead Ruins, and already encountering a plethora of dangerous creatures, the party settles down in a ruin to spend the night, awaiting another danger filled day.



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