Roy Lee Jin

A blood paper with an affinity for brutality.


A six and a half foot tall teifling male, with short slicked back black hair and dark red skin. If not for his skin and amber glowing eyes he’d be mistaken for human, not even having the standard teifling horns. His hairline and top half of his forehead are concealed by a tightly tied bandanna. He seams to prefer leather and studded leather armor covered by an armored coat, making it hard to make out what exactly his physique is, but the way he cleaves through bodies and buildings suggests his muscles have plenty of power to them. He seams to weild as many powerful weapons as he can get his hands on, but prefers the mechanical half great axe half rifle known as the Switch Axe.


Not much is known to the group as a whole about Roy or has been said himself. What he has said suggests that he has experience with brutality, killing, and torture. He was employed just as the others to work for and protect Noah Preacher, but will wonder off sometimes to find his own source of entertainment.

Roy Lee Jin

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