Noah Flynn Preacher

A short desert duster-pirate who gives no fucks.


The man stands at an unimpressive 5’8", trim and compact. The loose-flowing robe-like dress he seems to be wearing is the colour of dry sand, and frayed at the bottom. His worn high boots are a soft leather, the colour of mud. There’s a hood covering his head and swathed across his face – a pair of goggles across his forehead, brass with blue-tinted lenses and a black strap, hold the fabric in place. As the wind blows, you can see bright blue eyes, very blonde hair, and skin that looks tanned. His right hand sports a fingerless glove of dark-brown leather, and a bit of tattoo can sometimes be seen on his left wrist when the wind is strong.

A leather bandoleer goes from left shoulder to right hip, helping hold up a thin leather belt – protective pockets run along the belt, the shape of them suggesting bullets are held inside. A pair of obvious grenades hang from it, as well. From the belt hangs a sheathed, basket-hilted rapier at the left, and a coiled whip at the right on a hook. He sports a lengthy, heavy-looking rifle adorned with tiny bits of patterned crystal, slung over his right shoulder – from what can be seen, it appears to be in good condition.


He claims to be the son of the famous Sandman.

He claims to have robbed a ship’s crew near Grand Landing, eventually causing a golden-armed man to come after him with the Steelwinds and Hellhounds, known desert gangs.

He seems to be close enough to Bane Blackclaw to occasionally secure assistance from him.

Most recently, he has been seen roaming the Northern section of the Frontier.

Noah Flynn Preacher

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