Gailiod the Awoken

Isto's TOon



The Creature of metal and gem. His body mostly made up of plates and smaller woven plates of both brass and copper metal. All along his body are deep violet colored gems. His eyesockets glow with Violet gems.

He is mostly covered in Canvas tarps, but he does wear a large brimmed hat upon his head. Upon his back is a rutsack and an old battered Pepper Box rifle.

But those who know the so called “warforged” know better. He has hands that can become weapons; shooting lasers, balls of electricity, and shards of ice.

Though he isnt a true warforged, those come from a place across the ocean. He was found here, and he does not remember much at all. He keeps muttering something about Achrolis.

He does not need to eat, sleep, or even breathe.


Gailiod the Awoken

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