In most of Ailoria, the gods and spirits play their games and monitor/intervene as they see fit. In Andima, there are no more gods. In these forbidden lands is where the deities have fallen from their thrones.

Hungry for power, and at risk of vanishing from existence, they are far less active here than any other land. Be wary, though, these are not the peaceful gods other lands can claim to be watched by. These deities are truly dangerous, and ever hungry for more power.

The general population is unaware that gods are real, however the party has learned otherwise. The mysterious Third Eye, man of cryptic truths, has spun tales of them in the past, and may strange happenings can be attributed to their actions.

For Third Eye’s Magical Moonlit Serenade, See: Moonlit Serenade

Known deities:
-La Wamera


The Scourge of Andima Sareii