Maps of Andima

Geography of Andima
A map with all the major cities of Andima, essential geography, and district divisions. Small villages not included.

Estimated time of travel
Andima is roughly 1910 miles at its longest, and 1490 miles at its widest. Raptors are the most common single transportation, running at a sustained 25mph for several hours nonstop, so these lengths are measured as such. The main road through the Crescentlands is marked, as well as the Frontier Crossing Trade Route.

Trade Roads
A map showing the major roads in Andima, primarily used for trade but often the most convenient method of travel as well. Never fear, if the road you seek isn’t here, it doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist. Length of time travelling each road is an in progress map.

Population by Province
Includes Province names. Darker red regions show a higher population within their district. Unmarked regions cannot be counted.

Crop Agriculture of the Crescent
Shows the most commonly produced crop type by district. Green = Orchards (fruits and nuts). Gold = Fields (corn, oats, cotton and wheats). Brown = Ground crops (potatoes, pumpkins, etc)

Livestock Agriculture of the Crescent
Shows the most commonly grown livestock by district. Purple = Cattle, Blue = Chicken, Teal = Sheep. Note: The southernmost region (Tenuiclan) raises Alpacas primarily.

Color chart showing frequency of rainfall in Andima. Deepest red essentially has near zero rainfall.

Average Temperature
Color chart showing average temperature at midday (does not account for the steep temperature drop at night in most desert regions). White = average temp of 78F/25.5C

Maps of Andima

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