Psionic Geodes

Where magic doesn’t exist in Andima, nearly the entire population has some form of psionic ability.

Psionic Geodes are one of the most popular commodities in the country. As their name suggests, they are geodes, hollow rock nodes filled with crystal deposits. However, these crystals have a small pool of psionic energy stored within them naturally that can be tapped into for a quick use.

Psionic Geodes are used as a secondary currency in Andima, and are valued differently depending on who you try to sell to. The bigger the geode, the more energy it holds, the more value.

Almost ironically, some geodes are so saturated in energy that they are used as permanent currency, circulating the land as they’re worth more than simply using them once. These tend to be marked with elegant carvings in the stone surface, though some are stripped of some entirely and carved as polished crystals.

A geode that has been stripped of stone and looks like a polished gem skull is the signature detail of a merchant prince, extremely rare and very valuable.

Using too many geodes in quick succession has been known to cause ‘psionic burn’, a painful, temporary ailment that is otherwise non threatening.

Psionic Geodes

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