The currency within Andima, Sandz act just like standard currency elsewhere. In Andima, coins are designed in a square shape, pressed with small holes in the center. Common practice during the hot summer months, coin is strung into even amounts (similar to wrapping quarter rolls) for easier trade while not touching the metal. Notably, the way the coins are pressed and finished, they feel like very fine sand (not smooth or glossy). They give off the texture of sand, which glitters due to the metal in it.

Duller Sandz, the copper equivalent, are small and a tarnished copper in color. The design print around the string hole is stylized to look like corn fields and wheat on one side, with a geometric pattern on the other.

Shimmer Sandz, the silver equivalent, are actually larger in size than a Glimmer Sand. Silver in color, their heads side has imagery of pickaxes and swords. The flip side has swirling patterns of waves.

Glimmer Sandz, the gold equivalent, are glittering gold. The heads face has the design of outspread eagle wings surrounding a sun, with the tails side showing four roses, the flower that symbolized the old royalty lines of Andima.

Sand Stonez, the coins used in place of ten sandz, are used primarily among merchants of large trade (sea merchants, farm merchants, etc). These coins are pressed into a rough crescent shape rather than a square, pressed from copper with a gold border. They also have a circular hole cut into the center. On the heads side, they depict sailing ships, the richest market Andima has. On the tails, a map of the Crescentlands (minus the peninsula).

Sand Blockz are pressed rectangular, flat ingots of the material they represent (i.e. Duller Block is made of copper). Blockz are unique, being a recent currency within the past century. Rather than having the sandy texture of a coin, they are polished and pressed smooth. A stamp design on one side depicts the mark of the Rose Sultan, the one who originally created the currency method as Andima came together as one country.

Values of the sandz:

Duller Sandz (1 copper) = Basic amount
Shimmer Sandz (1 silver) = 10 Duller Sandz
Glimmer Sandz (1 gold) = 10 Shimmer Sandz

SandStonez = 10 Sandz

SandBlockz = 100 Sandz


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