The Scourge of Andima

The Journey So Far (pt 2)

The Journey So Far, pt 2 map

Starting with red and working up in the color spectrum. Black stars are teleport points.

It was perhaps the shoddiest group of individuals to ever work together in Andima, but their undertakings and successes had been numerous and grand.

After defeating a band of Strix that had been in possession of one of Gailiod’s treasured shards, in addition to freeing their captive allies Noah and Arro, the group meet Javlir, the Most Benevolent and Powerful shaitan. In return for breaking (accidentally) his home in a pipe, he made a new home in Arro’s gun while providing (somewhat) useful assistance.

Loot in tow, and fighting a strix, ambush along the away, the group returned to Tenuiclan for rest and recuperation. Shopping was done, reunions were had, and they departed for the town of Camara Canyon once more, before their final destination of Grand Landing.

As usual, the group was welcome to the home of Kamil, and his son Najib. They were more than happy to offer residence, and even provide a low key party, while the group listened I’m on a special broadcast by the elusive Third Eye. They also learned of their fleety allies, Ludo and Wren, who had both been following along due to ‘sharing similar goals’, however they were unwilling to share details to what that meant. Additionally, they learned of the secret race known as Elan, of which Ludo, Adiel, Awol, and several other acquaintances were a part of.

They departed to make way towards Grand Landing, however a chance encounter with an infamous raider known as Redliner gave them some insight to what a terrible decision that could be. They were chastised for being obvious about themselves, especially Noah, and should consider laying low if they don’t wanna get shot. They redirected their path to the library of the white cliffs.

Awol, scholar of the library, offered them rooms for one night, while the party went searching for different leads and knowledges. Come morning, they made their way West towards the hidden bandit city Blackclaw.

Upon arrival, they were promptly urged (read: nearly booted) to leave. Blackclaw was going to have none of their presence if they had Darse tracking them. With persuasion, he also allowed one night, but offered little in the way of help.

With little leads to go on, the group settled on retrieving another of Gail’s shards from the tropical peninsula, the Serpent’s Tail. As no sane sailor would ever stop there, Ludo and Wren suggested a contact of theirs who may be up to the job. They made their way to the harbour city Ceruanon.

The contact in question ended up being a rare civilized strix, a stern woman captain named Skeega who blamed Ludo for the loss of her most profitable ship. In return for replacing it, she agreed to take the group to the island they traced the shard to. Wren and Ludo departed the group, and the rest set sail to find the shard.

After wrestling with the jungle, saving a slave woman, and getting nearly killed by a dracolisk, the group finally arrived in the Naga capitol. Only by a chance letter from the Prince of Color were they granted pass into the city, believing the group to be merchants. It gave them the time needed to locate the gem. They bartered with a noble woman, who had the gem as part of her many herself adornments, and made a hasty retreat when the Naga began realizing they were not who they said they were.

Before being captured and most likely killed, they were saved by allies from the sky. Garuda, the warrior birdfolk of the mountains, had launched a timely attack on their mortal enemies. They gladly saved the group and offered them safe passage back to the ship.

Before setting sail for the mainland, Awol contacted them through the two way communication stone Adiel had been carrying. They listened with heavy hearts as Awol gave them valuable, but vague advice before being shot by Darse.

Arriving in Ceruanon, they find prince-approved wanted posters for Roy and Noah, offering immense amounts of reward money. That, coupled with the now imminent threat of Darse tracking them down, led the group towards the city of Ventula, where a radio broadcast center was located. There they intended to amass support to help against the inevitable attack of the madman.

Ventula, a well guarded city that proved difficult to enter, introduced them to several new allies. Eustace, the radio host who agreed to let them speak after winning a hot pepper contest, and Joseph, a city sheriff who shared being an Elan with Adiel. The group was able to make their announcement, Adiel and Roy being the primary speakers, and called for aid from various locations.

They were met with an ambush minutes after. The Man, bounty hunter who had a hit out on Noah, had come with several devils as backup. A shootout in the bar, that took to the streets for several blocks, set the city on edge as they disappeared before any proper damage was done. The group learned their next bit of bad news as Wren and Ludo returned: Darse had heard the broadcast, and was on his way to the city to wage war.

The group prepared to defend the city, while the majority of its inhabitants evacuated. Two days before the Ruffians arrived, gave the party little time to set up.

The fight occurred at midnight, flames that lit up the sky of the abandoned city. The Ruffians had zero concerns dying, and ended up causing as much destruction as they could by throwing themselves at the city. Darse himself led an assault on the group, and disrupted many of their fortified plans, but in the end he was forced to retreat via devil teleportation when reinforcements arrived, and he had been gravely wounded by the party.

After surveying the damage, and sent to the wounded, the group was offered an opportunity. Joseph the Lone Star believed this event could get his boss’s approval to send a hunt party to destroy Darse for good. Urged by an injured and desperate Ludo, the group agreed and made way to the foothills to meet with this boss.

It was a trap, and the party found themselves frozen in place. The man had been an Elan, a powerful one at that, and displayed a threat of power none had seem before: Joseph was mind controlled, the party couldn’t move, he hid his elan presence, and then forced them into a mind prison while keeping their bodies hostage.

The painted world, a grey landscape that Prospara was able to create to trap the minds of psionic beings, sent the group through a trial of attrition as they sought a way out. Ludo, who had been there before, led them, while Wren, a being of magic, remained in the real world. The painted world had taken on aspects to torture, dishearten, and provoke the party and what mattered to them most. Were they to run out of time, they would starve to death; what happened in the painted world affected their bodies, and vice versa.

After destroying the anchor that held them there, an entity that took the form of Gail’s lost friend, they awoke to find themselves in a dark, sandy ruin. Wren and to their surprise Third Eye had teleported them to safety. At a cost, of course; Wren had appeared to be injured and depleted of magic.

Third Eye shared with the party multitudes of information, focusing on the fact that Andima was about to change if they didn’t lift a finger to stop it. He had apparently been some strange creature, recognized as the same as the three that supposedly led the Elan. He confirmed he knew them, but was no part of their deeds.

Before them, a temple lost to the sand, the very same that Darse had been hiding out in. A temple that bore the mark that was also found on Noah’s bracer. Below them, they discovered, a temple that extended deep into the earth. There, they were told, they would find answers.

They descended into the ruins to find puzzles, obstacles upon obstacles to keep them from proceeding. Tricks of mirrors, riddles, and puzzles of stone, only by solving all were they able to descend into the final chambers, where they found loot, and an ancient secret.

A site, a location that seals magic behind it, but one that had been dried up and was no longer sustaining the country. Guarding it was a dragon, a long list guardian of Bahamut who had been trapped underground for millennia.

The site had been drained of it’s magic to create life, specifically four individuals that were the first elan. The site had been empty ever since.The dragon departed, half insane from seclusion and realizing what life it has missed, leaving the group to dwell not just on the information they now had, but the realization that they were running out of time to stop an unknown scourge on the land.



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