The Scourge of Andima

Dates and Happenings

April 28th – Adiel, Gail, Viesler arrive in Blackclaw

April 29th – The group sets out to the canyon to ambush the bandit meeting

April 30th – Party returns to Blackclaw

May 1st – Party departs Blackclaw and crosses the Frontier

May 6th – Party arrives in Dunner’s Pass

May 7th – Party catches a Steelwind bandit, departs Dunner’s Pass, and arrives at the camp (late)

May 8th – Departs the camp at morning, meets with the Hellhounds, Afternoon outing in Dunner’s pass before departing across the Frontier, Catch first Secret Broadcast

May 12th – Secret Broadcast #2 (missed, Bane informed you of the next date)

May 13th – Arrive in Blackclaw

May 19th – Leave Blackclaw and head for the White Cliffs, Secret Broadcast #3

May 24th – Arrive in Whitecliff, arrive at Library of the White Cliffs. FULL MOON. Secret Broadcast #4

May 25th – Depart Library, arrive in Grand Landing. Meet the dwarf Izaak.

May 26th – Depart Grand Landing with Izaak.

May 30th – Arrive in Camara Canyon, meet with the prince and his son.

June 2nd – Depart Camara Canyon

June 4th – Arrive at Temple of the Blue Peaks, meet Master Toby

June 5th – Depart Temple, investigate ‘disturbances’

June 6th – Early dawn fight with the Devil’s Garden, night at the Temple

June 7th – Party departs for Tenuiclan, via Camara Canyon, escorting Xeph raider

June 9th – Arrives Camara Canyon, Kamil and Najib out on business. Secret Station Broadcast #5

June 10th – Departs CC

June 12th – Party arrives at Tenuiclan, meets Mother Gaia

June 13th – The group brawls with Raul, convinces him to return home

June 14th – Semi-Finals of the wrestling match, meet La Pantera and Jose Fuerza

June 15th – Fight with El Mano Muerte, glorious victory broadcast on the radio, epic city-wide party

June 16th – Recovery and shopping in Tenuiclan. Traded jewels for writs and cash. ‘Hired’ by Ludo and Wren to plunge Frontier treasure ruin. Rode out in early afternoon, slept, took off at about midnight.

June 17th – Fucking pre-dawn duster ambush – presumed remainder of the Steelwinds slain. Meet Bobby Joe the mechanic. Spend the night in the Dead Ruins.

June 18th – Explored several clusters of ruined buildings. Noah and Arro kidnapped by Strix. Murdered Strix. Giant pile of gold obtained. Bargain struck with Javlir the Most Powerful and Benevolent regarding pile of gold. Left ruins. Caught in sandstorm. Minor strix ambush. Good day so far.

June 19th – Rode through the night, reached Tenuiclan at dawn. Raoul is a recovering alcoholic now. Day spent sleeping and shopping.

June 21st – Depart Tenuiclan, arrive Camara’s Canyon. Low-key party with Najjeb.

June 22nd – Secret Station Broadcast #6. Big Discussion with Ludo and Wren regarding Elan society. Najjeb and others present.

June 23rd – FULL MOON

June 24th – Depart CC for Grand Landing. Encounter wrecked caravan train on the way. Meet Redliner the raider, take some free loot. Chastised for being too obvious – change route to back-roads, heading for Library.

June 25th – Arrive at Library, spent the night. Split up to search for various sources of information, recruit some of the librarians to help.

June 26th – Depart for Blackclaw

June 29th – Arrived in Blackclaw, promptly told to leave. Barter with Bane to allow one night. Group does some shopping and digging for any information on Darse.

June 30th – Depart Blackclaw, headed for Dunner’s Pass

July 2nd – Pass through Dunner’s Pass on the way towards Ceruanon.

July 4th – Arrive in Ceruanon. Group meets the Strix Skeega, a successful sea merchant who is bribed into taking the group to the Penninsula.

July 5th – Depart Ceruanon via ship, following the coast.

July 7th – Arrive at the island known as The Crown, Skeega gives the group four days before she will leave with or without them.

July 8th – Group meets a slave Vishkanya, encounters a dracolisk, and enter the capitol city of the Naga. Departure goes sour, and the group is saved by the Garuda attack party. Return to Skeega’s ship, and psionic stone message tells Awol’s death.

July 11th – Group lands in Ceruanon, Noah and Roy are wanted men. Make plans to head south to Ventula, where one of the radio broadcasts is centered.

July 12th – Encounter a scorched and destroyed Xeph village, with no survivors. Multiple footprints and duster tracks among the dust.

July 13th – The group is able to bypass the toll checkpoint with false papers, and gain access to Ventula. Lunch arrangements made with some Xeph refugees. Shopping is done, contests are won, and the group sits in on a meeting between the princes and the devil Levistus. Roy and Adiel do radio show. The Man shows up to crash party, everyone flees.

July 15th/16th – After two days of preparation, the group attempts a defence of Ventula against Darse and his Ruffians. Later that afternoon, they walk into the hands of Prospara and are captured in a mental prison. Wren and Third Eye make an escape for them.

July 18th – The group wakes to find themselves in a ruin in the desert. They solve multiple puzzles, learn of javlir’s past, and discover what is known as a site in the bottom of the tomb.



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