Crypt Lizard

Extremely large lizards that are best left with a large distance, crypt lizards are sometimes called desert dragons due to their obvious appearance and behavior. Highly territorial, extremely aggressive and overwhelmingly dangerous, finding one is a rare treat that one should consider as a sign to turn around immediately.

Growing up to 20’, crypt lizards are a hulking mass of spikes, plates, teeth, claws, and its notoriously destructive caustic spittle which seeps from its mouth constantly. Worse still is its rapid healing capabilities, which make it near impossible to kill without serious help.

If their size isn’t enough to distinguish, they are usually deep brown or red in coloration with two dark bands around their necks and a third teardrop stripe under their eyes.

Crypt Lizard side view

Crypt Lizard

The Scourge of Andima Sareii