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Welcome, adventure seekers and travelers alike, to the land of Andima. An island continent, Andima is completely isolated from any other countries, the nearest land being a several week journey over treacherous waters. But Andima is huge, many unexplored lands ripe with riches if you can brave the roads, or lack thereof. And while other lands are filled with magic, Andima’s people are skilled in the psionic arts…and a swift gun draw. Prepare yourselves, of course, this land is more wild than tame.

And filled with secrets…

-Maps of Andima


-Psionic Geodes

Bestiary *
-Wild Creatures
-Exotic Creatures

Flora *
-Wild Flora

-Recent History

*((Players: Successful Nature (or equivalent) checks on a game unique creature will permanently add it to the bestiary for future reference))

Main Page

The Scourge of Andima Sareii